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 Dec 10, 2013 3:16:00 PM / by Kim Anderson

Access emails with SuiteReader

It’s the end of the year and party season is upon us, but we here at Suite are still working hard to bring you great new services and improvements to the Full Suite tool kit. One of these new changes is the ability to view emails in the SuiteReader app. You may be familiar with SuiteReader already – it is a document viewing tool that syncs with your SuiteFiles account and allows you to view files offline. You can now view a variety of document types in Suite Reader, including Word, Excel, PDF, markdown…and now emails, with other document types to be added in the near future.

Suite aims to provide you with functional and convenient tools, and we are of the mind that what you value, we value. That’s why we thought that you’d love to be able to view the emails that you already have stored on SuiteFiles on your phone. Now you longer need to worry about trying to access your email account when you’re out of the office. Simply search for the message in SuiteReader when you have an internet connection, download it to the app and then go out for lunch – the file will remain accessible in SuiteReader even when you’re offline. The same goes for recently viewed files in SuiteFiles – pull the menu down in SuiteReader to refresh and the app will sync and update your recent files list.

More great updates and improvements are on their way, including more new features for SuiteReader and SuiteGenerator, so keep your eyes peeled!

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