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Advice for Small Business

At this time, as well as staying afloat ourselves, it's important to be doing what we can to help our community of small businesses. Internally, we've been thinking of ways to provide tools and advice to those surviving through.   SuiteFiles has put...
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Save time with successful filing

Collaboration through online sharing of files and folders has become the norm for almost every business, this has created a need for successful filing. We have all been in a situation where we are trying to find documents in amongst an unordered...
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Increase Productivity With Connect

Collaboration through sharing files, having them digitally signed and working together on documents are all now a part of everyday working life. Connect allows you to utilise all of the above current SuiteFiles features, but with the ability to...
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Working With Clients Remotely

Working remotely is something many businesses are facing amongst the Covid-19 pandemic. A large number of businesses are closing their doors and allowing employees to work from home to lessen the spread and take care of their more vulnerable staff.  
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Are you using Office 365 to its full potential?

Microsoft Office has been a big player in desktop apps for as long as most of us remember. Office365 reinvented the wheel and brought in a number of new features that are powered by it’s cloud-based focus. We’ve taken a look and compiled 5 features...
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SuiteFiles for Outlook Refresh

SuiteFiles Outlook integration is one of our most popular features as it removes so many manual processes. This month, SuiteFiles for Outlook for our Windows users has had a refresh, including some new features and a shiny new look. We’ve gone...
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Office Sustainability: Steps to Never Forget

This list serves as a reminder for many offices out there who have simply forgotten their impact! Being cooped up in an office leaves you with little time to think about the environment. All that energy being used to send that one email does have an...
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The 'How To' of the Rates Increase Conversation

Increasing rates is a reality that all businesses face, and all customers go through at some point in their lifetime. As a business upgrades or upskills, the product is slowly increasing in quality. The issue is, you can’t be doing more for less and...
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The Most Requested Work Perks

  One of the things that always amazes me, especially given my recent experience looking for roles, is how many companies talk about 'Work Perks' without any understanding of exactly what that means, for the employee or for their business. 
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