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 Aug 19, 2013 4:23:00 PM / by Andrew Sims

Mapped Network Drives (UPDATE)

There's Been an Issue

A few months back we wrote a post about mapped Network Drives from your computer to SuiteFiles. There are some good reasons for doing this especially if you use applications that aren't a part of the Microsoft Office suite and they produce files you want to save directly to the cloud (e.g. PDF files).



Unfortunately the technology to do this is not very robust and there are a number of conditions where it won't work. One of those conditions is when you're using the Internet Explorer 10 web browser on a computer running Windows 7. There was a bug in this scenario and it just wouldn't work.

Joy - There's a Fix

Microsoft recently released a hotfix. If you have Windows 7 (you must have also installed Service Pack 1) you can run this hotfix. Make sure that you download the right hotfix for your current PC operating system.

Once you've done this run your Windows update and load IE10 - use either the Windows Update feature or download IE10 directly. At this point you'll need to check your existing mapped network drive to ensure that it works properly. If it doesn't you'll need to remap the drive using the instructions in our previouspost.

SuiteFiles and IE10

The release of this hotfix means that all SuiteFiles users on Windows computers can, and should, be using Internet Explorer 10. There are a number of SuiteFiles features that work much better in IE10 including:

  • Faster search,
  • Drag/drop upload, and
  • More fluid navigation.

If you need any help with this upgrade don't hesitate to send our support team an email.

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