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 Apr 4, 2014 12:16:00 PM / by Dana Chan

Sharing just got better!

There’s a new sharing interface in town! It comes with a couple of exciting new feature integrations and a refreshed design that let’s you share more purposefully.

Integrated feedback

A super cool feature that a lot of people have asked for is integrated feedback! You can now place feedback on shared items straight from the shared window by clicking on the comment icon.




Get more context around your shared items with our new two-part labelling system!

To work effectively we need to know quickly what and when things need to be done. After talking to some of our users and a lot of time discussing possible scenarios, we managed to break down why people share documents into three distinctly different labels: FYI, Edit or Approve.



The second part of the labelling system has a more established and researched approach to task management. We based the new important/urgent feature loosely off the simple but effective Eisenhower Method.

Which means that you can now mark sharing documents as urgent or important, both, or neither in SuiteFiles .

To support this feature we designed the grid view - a visual way of exploring your shared files ... giving you more context and helping you to become more effective.



Now we all think that these sharing features are just the cat’s pyjamas! But let us know your thoughts and any other features you would like and fire it at this email.

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