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Jun 24, 2014 11:45:00 AM / by Catherine Fitzgerald

We love Office 365 (that’s why we built a whole bunch of apps to sit on top of it) and Office 365 is awesome at all things Office...Want to view a Word document in the cloud? Office 365 has you covered. Want to analyse a scatter chart in the Excel web app? Office 365 handles that. Want to flick through a full fidelity PowerPoint while connected to WIFI? Not a problem for Office 365. But where SuiteFiles comes in, is its love for other file types. Most businesses have a whole range of file types running their business, and many of these sit outside the Office suite.

So we did a whole lot of research and analytics about the file types business store and the number of file types businesses use every day. And we noticed a few challenges! In particular we found that most businesses are full to the brim with .msg and .zip files. They’re big, slow and always need downloading. So we put our heads together and have come up with some smarter ways to work with these file types and a range of other files your business needs in your cloud file management system to keep humming smoothly.



Thousands and thousands of emails pump in and out of SMBs every year and we noticed a huge number of .MSG files being saved and stored into SuiteFiles during our research phase. To ensure users can work within the browser and avoid downloading these, we built a previewer into SuiteFiles. This means you can view any MSG file right in the browser, without requiring all users to have Outlook installed - this is great for Mac users, as well as when you are working with a slower internet connection.

(Do note that attachments on the emails are not displayed in the previewer yet. This will be coming soon. If you need the attachments you need to download the email and open it in Outlook.)



These files cause more user groans and grumbles than almost any other file type. Downloading the ZIP, opening, extracting and then saving the files, all just so you can see what it is enclosed can be a frustrating experience for some. In SuiteFiles, we’ve built in .ZIP file preview functionality which means with one simple click you can preview all the files the .ZIP contains, no downloading necessary.

When you want to access the contents of the ZIP file simply click the download button and work away as normal.



Most web-based systems download PDF files into the browser before displaying it. When you’ve got large PDFs on your hands, this takes a bit of time, and chews any data you might be using while doing so. What would be smarter? Converting each page into a low resolution image to display to save both download time and data. That’s what! So we built just that functionality into the PDF previewer in SuiteFiles – PDFS that are accessed faster and more data-effectively!


.ai & .psd

Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop files are a a designers bread and butter but not every one of your staff will have this program installed, nor would the expense warrant it! Which means when these users are sent .AI or .PSD files, they can’t open them, let alone view them. This can be a challenge when it comes to reviewing, critiquing and signing off artwork and logos which often calls for a number of different parties to be involved. This previewer makes life much easier for the marketing department.



For our customers working in e-commerce or other industries with light database needs, CSVs can be fairly common as they are used for importing and exporting product, customer, and order information. Rather than downloading these big files with rows and rows of data, SuiteFiles allows users to preview the file in the browser, and we even make sure it’s formatted into a nice, readable table.



Markdown is a super simple way to add nice formatting like headers, bold, bulleted lists, and so on to plain text and is often used as an easy alternative to HTML. Markdown files in SuiteFiles get extra special attention and support. Not only can uses view markdown files shared with them, without downloading them, they can also edit them in the browser too.


At Suite, our philosophy is in helping our users do more with their files in the cloud. And now we help them do more with more files.

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