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Achieving balance with SuiteFiles CEO, Andrew Sims

Andrew Sims is the CEO and captain at the helm here at SuiteFiles. Inbox zero is a far off dream and there's always a phone call to make, but Andrew juggles it all alongside a busy family life, sport (mostly for the kids), and a new puppy. We talked...
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Achieving Balance #4 with Jeff from Future Accounting

Jeff Burson is the Director of Future Accounting Limited, an awesome practice in sunny Wellington, NZ.
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Achieving Balance with Rhonda Richardson

Rhonda Richardson is the Acting General Manager of Customer Care at Chorus.
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Introducing the Achieving Balance series + Jan Meyer

An overworked concept? Work-life balance is a concept that has been dragged out and discussed time and time again. It’s a perennial favourite because, as much as we’re aware that a balance of the two is healthy and productive, we’re not always good...
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