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Under attack: How to protect your files from ransomware

It’s simple – install anti-virus software and don’t click on any links or attachments from suspicious looking emails and you won’t fall prey to a cyber attack. Easy, right?
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How SuiteBackups saved my bacon

'Why do I need to back up my files in SuiteFiles? Doesn't Microsoft do that?'
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Backups gets introduced into new SuiteFiles plans

When we talk to people about backups we often hear the comment 'To be honest, I don't see the need for a backup app.' And that's fair, we get it.
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3 simple reasons why you should backup your online data

Awesome, your business is in the cloud! If you're reading this, then your data is already in the cloud. Well done, you've made a big step towards ensuring the longevity of your business and enforcing a prudent disaster recovery plan. Good platforms...
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Laptop down! Why it doesn't have to spell disaster

Laptop down! Two weeks ago my world ended. Well, maybe not ended. I’m still here, my family is still fit and healthy and the business is still running. Still, it felt like the world had ended. My laptop crashed!
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World Backup Day: Protect your data with Suite

Today is World Backup Day, a handy reminder to make copies of all the digital information and files that we value, such as family photos, videos, business documents and emails. The cost-benefit of making a backup is clear for those of us who have...
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Working through the quakes

I've lived in Wellington for well over 30 years, and in all that time we've always been told that we can one day expect a big earthquake. Because of this, we're prepared for it. We have water stored at home and work, spare food, ways to keep warm...
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Why move to the cloud? Business continuity!

There are a whole number of reasons for moving to the cloud. Simplicity. Cost savings. Flexibility. Enhanced services and capability. On their own each of these can be very compelling. But there's another reason that's often over looked and I think...
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