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Which type of signing best suits your business?

Being a document management system with a digital signing feature, we hear and see it all when it comes to the different ways practices and/or their clients are signing documents. The time and money it takes to manually print, sign, and scan a...
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SuiteFiles Security Update TLS 1.2

The world of technology is ever evolving, and security is no different. This year we’ve been putting even more of a focus on security and dedicating more resources to ensure we’re keeping your data as private and secure as possible. Part of this...
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Digital Signatures vs E-Signatures

Digital Signing and E-Signing are terms often used interchangeably in everyday conversation, but there’s actually a number of differences between the two, which can end up being incredibly important. As a start point, Digital Signatures are...
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Who's getting breached and how it's happening

This post originally appeared on the Practice Protect blog and has been republished here with permission. Jamie Beresford is the CEO of Practice Protect, the authority in data security for accountants.
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How to create a successful file naming convention

A slick filing system sits at the heart of any successful project or organisation. But it doesn’t happen without some careful consideration around file naming conventions.
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