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Accessing your files in the cloud while offline

All of your files are in the cloud. It works really well. You can get them from any device with an Internet browser and a connection. Awesome.
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The Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce & GoFi8ure Business Expo 2012

On Wednesday 12th September Suite exhibited at the Hutt Valley Business Expo. Our team enjoyed the opportunity to meet with other SMEs to discuss their IT needs. We were inundated with questions about what business in the cloud was all about… here...
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Why move to the cloud? Business continuity!

There are a whole number of reasons for moving to the cloud. Simplicity. Cost savings. Flexibility. Enhanced services and capability. On their own each of these can be very compelling. But there's another reason that's often over looked and I think...
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Cloud computing's "dead horse on the table" - MIGRATION

Cloud computing is changing the way we do business. Software that was once the domain of large global multinationals with endless budgets to spend on technology solutions is now available to all businesses. And it's the same for individual...
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Get your business to the cloud

Yes, you heard me right. Why isn't your business in the cloud? Why aren't you making the most of the benefits that cloud computing offers?
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