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We'll drink to that! 5 million file migrated with SuiteMoves

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SuiteMoves or Windows explorer view?

Designing a file migration Here at Suite, we focus on building great apps which meet our own high standards. We don't typically worry about what competitors do (or don't). Our energy is much better spent on dreaming up things which can...
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Moving your data to the Cloud can be a "process" you don't want to remember. For many people it can all happen very easily with the help of a friendly expert (like our guy Archie). For others it can be a bit harder - even Archie has had some...
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Cloud computing's "dead horse on the table" - MIGRATION

Cloud computing is changing the way we do business. Software that was once the domain of large global multinationals with endless budgets to spend on technology solutions is now available to all businesses. And it's the same for individual...
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