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SharePoint or SuiteFiles?

In the world of document management, it’s hard to look past the giant that is SharePoint. It’s even harder differentiating your product from SharePoint when it was built on top of it. As a result, when prospective customers check us out, we’re met...
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SuiteFiles User Requirements

To use SuiteFiles, there are a few requirements our customers have to meet before they get going! As we sit above Microsoft Office’s product, SharePoint, this is where most of our requirements sit. Alongside this, there are also recommendations we...
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SharePoint Governance - Part 2

We're back on the topic of SharePoint governance with Hamish Denston from Provoke Solutions. Part 2 focuses on the governance committee - a powerful tool for maintaining your solution. Added here from the Provoke blog with their permission.
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SharePoint Governance - Part 1

Let's talk about SharePoint governance - while it's not a sexy topic, governance is a vital part of the implementation process that many businesses ignore. Hamish Denston from Provoke Solutions explains what governance is in Part 1 of this two part...
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Suite at The Digital Workplace Conference

Previously known as ShareThePoint's annual SharePoint Conference, The Digital Workplace Conference was rebranded for 2015. Held at the end of August in Auckland, NZ, Day 1 focused heavily on small businesses. So of course Suite was there in a flash.
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The differences between OneDrive, OneDrive Business & SharePoint

Post updated on 30 July 2018.
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Mapped Network Drives (UPDATE)

There's Been an Issue A few months back we wrote a post about mapped Network Drives from your computer to SuiteFiles. There are some good reasons for doing this especially if you use applications that aren't a part of the Microsoft Office suite and...
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Map a Network Drive to SharePoint Online

Recently a number of people have asked me how to map a network drive to SharePoint.
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